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National Dairy Month

June is (finally!) the start of the summer season and, of course, National Dairy Month! Now’s the time to learn all about the benefits of drinking dairy and the history of National Dairy Month so that you can properly celebrate. From a glass of milk and a bowl of yogurt to a cold cup of delicious ice cream, there are so many ways you can partake in the dairy fun during June!

How was National Dairy Month started?

Beginning in the summer of 1937, National Dairy Month started as National Milk Month to encourage others to drink more milk when there was a surplus of milk in the dairy farming industry. As a result, grocers began sponsoring the celebration, and by 1939, the National Dairy Council stepped in to fully endorse the cause, changing the name to “National Dairy Month” for the entire month of June!

What is National Dairy Month?

Though National Dairy Month may have begun as a way to get rid of excess milk, it is now used to promote drinking/eating dairy for its variety of health benefits. It is also one of the biggest ways to learn about the contributions of the dairy industry as a whole across the world, particularly the dairy farmers who work hard to get delicious and safe dairy products for us to eat. Thank a dairy farmer if you see one, especially those local to your area!

What are the benefits of eating/drinking dairy?

There are so many health benefits to drinking milk and eating dairy products as part of your everyday lifestyle. A few benefits include:

  • Extremely Nutrient-Rich (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and protein). All these nutrients help strengthen your bones.

  • Great for Weight Management

  • Reduces Risk of High Blood Pressure

  • Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis and Cancers

  • Maintains Healthy Skin

How do I celebrate National Dairy Month?

Believe it or not, you can do a lot more to celebrate National Dairy Month than just drinking a glass of milk. Take a look at some of our favorite National Dairy Month celebration ideas:

  • Host a Tasting Event. What’s better than inviting friends over and tasting different cheeses? Make it festive with various cheeses from different countries, with accompanying snacks like crackers, fruits, and spreads.

  • “Chill Out” Party. Host a “chill out” movie night with a great movie and some frozen treats like ice cream or milkshakes. Try to get your ice cream from a local ice cream parlor to try different ice cream flavors and recipes. Who knows, they may even have a National Dairy Month special!

  • Parfait Party. Invite people over for brunch and host a parfait party with a yogurt bar and different toppings. We love a vanilla yogurt base, but check your local dairy store or supermarket to see what yogurt flavors they have. Then, have fresh fruit, granola, chocolate chips, nuts, and other toppings ready for guests to top their yogurt with for a deliciously fresh yogurt parfait to start the day.

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