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Safety in the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is a fast-paced, high-risk business. Milking stalls are in demand worldwide because of the benefits they offer to cows and farmers alike. Dairy farming has grown substantially in recent years, with many large companies looking for new markets domestically and abroad. As more people enter this lucrative field, it becomes increasingly essential to be aware of safety procedures necessary to keep themselves and their animals safe!

PBI Parlor Systems understands how vital safety is in the dairy industry. We have taken great strides to ensure our products protect against injury while also being comfortable enough for cows to produce milk at peak levels every day. Regarding safety on the farm, there are luckily things you can do to keep yourself safe. Here are some tips to consider.


Wear protective equipment to keep yourself safe while handling chemicals. For example, if you are dispensing detergent, always use the measuring jug and hand pump because splashing could happen with other application methods.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury, or RSI for short, is a condition that can cause severe pain in any part of your body. The most common symptoms include muscle spasms and tingling sensations across the shoulders down to hands with an inability to use them properly due to repetitive work around the farm.

Reduce your risk for falls:

Because fall risks during dairy production are so great, here are additional guidelines to consider:

  • Build a schedule for flushing the lanes, and keep to it.

  • Cover all open pits and ensure that those without have guard rails to prevent accidental falls.

  • Install enough lighting to brightly light all work areas — day and night.

  • Drainage on lanes should always be kept to a reasonable level.

  • Move standing water away to drains and ensure enough slope exists on floors to draw fluids into drains.

  • Keep required personal protective equipment (PPE) stored and available for workers to wear at the start of each shift. Assign an employee to act as an internal compliance officer who inspects PPE, slip-resistant boots, etc.

  • Keep your milking equipment properly maintained and sterilized as necessary to ensure you're running a clean operation at all times.

Operating from our office in Portales, New Mexico, PBI Parlor Systems is a leading manufacturer of milking stalls and equipment for dairies worldwide. The owner, Steve Peacock, has a strong dairy business background and an even stronger pride in his company's products. His commitment to improving dairy profits and delivering excellent customer service is unmistakable. Contact us today to learn more!




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