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About Us

Operating from our office in Portales, New Mexico, PBI Parlor Systems is a leading manufacturer of milking stalls and equipment for dairies around the world. The owner, Steve Peacock, has a strong dairy business background, and an even stronger pride in his companies products. His commitment to improving dairy profits and delivering excellent customer service is unmistakable. Each of the company's employees share his dedication. 

Of course it all starts with an efficient stall design. Our stalls are engineered to be the best solution for maintaining cow safety and dairy efficiency. In fact the company came into existence in the late 80's after designing a parallel stall at the request of a local dairyman. His stall design was a winner! And word of mouth praise led to more parlor business. Building on his design and engineering experience, the entire PBI crew continues to produce and install innovative parlor stalls all over the world. To ensure the quality of the final product, we control every stage of production. Dairies of all sizes, from small family-dairies to large commercial dairies, have been fitted with PBI stalls. 

Because PBI designs and builds the stalls, they are custom fitted to your unique requirements. We use heavy duty galvanized and stainless steels to provide a durable yet sleek stall with no rough edges to hurt cows and profits. Performance excellence is ensured by our expert project installer and crew, which we make available for every installation. You will assuredly receive a quality, hassle-free installation, and on-going support. Value is built into every PBI stall design. Low installation and maintenance costs make PBI stalls a valuable investment for dairies of all sizes. Plus our durable construction, smooth operation and labor saving design provide ongoing increased profits.


Innovation is what started this company. Our stall designs are adaptable to suit the needs of dairies of all sizes, no matter the environment. They are compatible with all brands of milking equipment. Service is what built this company. 

PBI Parlor Systems takes pride in its continued commitment to meet and exceed our customers' needs. From the free quote we give you , through the completed installation, we maintain a hands-on approach that delivers unrivaled customer service. But our customer support doesn't end with the sale. PBI's on-going personal contact with our clients and our easy accessibility cater to meeting your needs now and later. We choose to maintain close relationships with our clients. Their feedback about stall performance is essential to our commitment to developing and refining products that satisfy the needs of dairy farmers all over the globe.

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