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Elite Stalls

The Elite Parallel Stall is our signature stall

  • A powerful hydraulic cylinder operates an entire row raising the headstall from 62"-66" full head clearance. High enough for even your largest cow.

  • Lowering of headstalls can be adjusted to your specifications.

  • Rapid exit allows cows to leave at the same time.

  • Counter weights are used on our patented divider gates. Nothing is spring loaded.

  • This stall is offered on 26" centers for jersey cows only, 27" centers for mixed herds or holsteins, or 28" centers for holsteins.

Herringbone Stalls

We offer our herringbone stalls on 29", 30", 36", 38", and 44" centers. We have found that the most efficient herringbone stall is built on 38" center. But here again, we build to suit YOUR needs.​


Need a product to complement your existing system. We can do that too. Whether it’s new construction or remodeling an existing facility, PBI works closely with you to make sure that everything is correct. We offer equipment cabinets, curb, hose supports and many other options.

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