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Importance of Investing in Your Dairy Farm Equipment

Dairy farmers and managers know the importance of keeping your farm as efficient and profitable as possible. No matter how big or small your dairy farm is, the most successful farms understand what to put their efforts and money into to control costs while getting the highest quality milk. Though the health of your land and cows is hugely important, the quality of your dairy farm equipment is equally as important.

Buying quality farm equipment, like dairy and milking stalls, is certainly a large purchase; however, investing in top-of-the-line equipment is guaranteed to make your dairy farm even more successful. Take a look at just a few of the benefits of investing in your dairy farm equipment:

  • Costs. Yes, the initial costs of your dairy equipment will be pretty steep. Still, higher quality equipment will lead to fewer breakages, replacements, and downtime, resulting in substantial long-term cost savings. Ultimately, this will make the more expensive equipment cheaper in the long run. Do your research on different brands and products to ensure you’re getting the best equipment on the market; while the best options are certainly a significant investment, it doesn’t mean they are always the most expensive. Read reviews and ask other farmers in the industry what they prefer and their experiences with different equipment.

  • Efficiency. Quality equipment often means production time will be cut down, meaning you can produce more in a shorter amount of time. Plus, you’ll get less downtime because of breakdowns and repairs. This will keep your dairy farm running smoothly without worrying about lost time or money!

  • Customer Service. Most suppliers and manufacturers of expensive equipment want to make sure your experience with their product stays positive. Because of this, companies will often offer excellent customer service to you even after you’ve bought their equipment. This may include a team or sounding board to answer any of your questions about the equipment, instructions, tips on using the equipment, and resources for repairs should anything happen to your equipment during use.

  • Long-Term Return on Investment (ROI). While some equipment costs may have an immediate ROI, others may take longer to see the results. This can be discouraging, especially when you see the initial price tag, but the long-term ROI is often worth the year-over-year return. For example, an estrus heat cycle monitoring system is a substantial initial investment; however, you are more likely to get successful breeding and predictable calving cycles, yielding better and higher milk production rates over time. That means more profits for you!

PBI Parlor Systems is a leading manufacturer of milking stalls and equipment for dairies worldwide. Our stalls are engineered to be the best solution for maintaining cow safety and dairy efficiency, as they are all custom built and designed to your dairy farm’s unique requirements. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, from the free quote we give you through the completed installation and even after a sale to ensure our equipment meets your needs as you use it. Visit our website to get started today!



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